New Releases – June – Various Labels

 New Releases – June – Various Labels


Beatport Exclusive – OUT NOW

Deep Impact – Prophecy

The first release from Mark East in a very long time, I know many breakbeat fans around the world will be hyped for this. The latest addition to Nicky D’Silva’s (CtrlZ/Multiply) new breaks imprint, this track certainly doesn’t disappoint. Huge basslines with trademark rave stabs and rolling beats, and a vocal that is no stranger to most. Hot off the heels of the last two offerings T-Minus by Akas and MDMA by Alias, this is another great addition to the labels growing catalogue.


Beatport ExclusiveOUT NOW

Sekret Chadow is without doubt one of the most versatile and gifted producers in the scene today. From retro funky vibes with a modern touch to straight up sweat to death on the dance floor heaviness. Conexxxion is more stripped down than his usual offerings with an infectious repetitive groove. It went straight into the top ten on Beatport after a few days and is worthy of every breaks dj’s crate. BUY ON SIGHT!!!


BEATPORT – June 20th, 2022

Luke Wilkins a.k.a. Remenz is a UK based producer and DJ. He is creating and persisting in rolling out dancefloor smashers with a dark neuro atmospheric edge. He has also created ‘Neuro Breaks Collective‘ for the world to be inspired. 
”Grit” is a killer dancefloor weapon. Including massive drops and cuts of rage, expect a future vibe all around the sub bass. Hands up for Remenz and his introduction on Audiogore with this track. 
Unreal brings “The beginning” forming a dope tandem with Remenz. Solid manners on the craft from these partners. A deep dystopian journey delivering an established greatness and well owned aesthetics that we are ever more addicted. 
The title predicts this fire will continue.


Yakov’s sounds are coming from Croatia. He is an electronic music producer rooted in drum and bass yet not bound to. We can find his work self-released and through labels such as BPM rec. (Germany), Balkan Kolektiv Records (Croatia) or South Yard (Spain).

Rendgen” is his debut on Audiogore, the first of two 140BPM original tracks loaded with high quality raw rythms and stunning crafted variety of distorted elements driving so deep that vibrates through every bit of the anatomy.
Wary” completes the release changing the step on the beat. Big atmospheric vibes and melodic sounds on this track will flood the space supported by a heavy dark bassline rising the crunch and saturation levels to their top.
Impressive proposal for his arrival at the label. We are really looking forward to the next Yakov moves.


Beatport ExclusiveOUT NOW

Migente from J Double,  sonic warfare underpinned by an 808 esque groove. This sounds like the battle for Cybertron in song form. Sure to set light to any dance floor.


Beatport Exclusive June 17th, 2022

‘When You Hear’ by Noise At Night,  deep rolling breaks perfect for late nights on the dance floor, Uplifting piano grooves, vocal touches and strings tie it all together making this essential for your crate.


Beatport Exclusive – June 22nd, 2022

Lazers from Mattix is the 4th release since the Against The Grain label  came back. An old Skool electro feel but ultra modern at the same time. Deep but incredibly heavy. Dribbling synths and robot vocals, the kind of track you’ll not be surprised to hear more than once on a night out.


Beatport Exclusive – June 17th, 2022

Burning (In My Soul) is the next installment from UK based breaks and bass producer Leuce Rhythms. With layers upon layers of funky basslines, organ stabs, sweeping synths, and zesty percussion, Burning (In My Soul) is poised to mainline some thick jam directly into your nervous system.


Beatport ExclusiveOUT NOW

It’s been ten amazing and full of action years! Ten years of full productivity with killer tracks and compilations by some amazing artists of the global breaks scene. The 10th anniversary of our Breakspoll “Best New Breaks Label” award back in 2012.  This is the part two of our brand new and ultra hot anniversary compilation. Six amazing tracks to set dancefloors on fire!!! From here to eternity!!!!


Beatport Exclusive OUT NOW

Bowser has been on fire this year, a recent No.1 chart position for several weeks with his Acid Bits collab with Guau, and many releases across top labels in the scene. Fuzzy Sine is a peak time monster, with reese basslines and a vocal reminiscent of his UKG stylings on recent releases.


Beatport Exclusive – June 16th, 2022

Peak time, hands in the air vocal track from Deekembeat. You’ll be hearing Destinia all over the, summer no doubt.


Beatport Exclusive – June 17th 2022

Demon Knights by Huda Hudia and DJ30A, top notch booty breaks with a very infectious vocal. When this style is done right, it ignites any dance floor around the world, and this release certainly fits the bill.


BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE – June 17th, 2022

The ever present productions of Forida’s Prato on Diesel recordings. Showcasing this three track e.p on his weekly show on BreaksFM for some time, it’s popularity is very visible in the chatroom. Peak time dance floor ridders throughout. Sublime arpeggios and rolling vibes on Soothsayer, bold attitude on Livin, and an almost Bond Theme feel to Slidertown, this belongs in your crate.



Huge peak time vocal track from Urbano on the 13 White Monkeys imprint. A summer anthem  from start to finish, you’ll find it very hard to not put your hands in the air and vibe.

La Sombra

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