Interview – Miido

Artist name – Miido
Location – California, USA
Label affiliations – 83, Space Yacht Records

1) Tell us about your music background, your influences and your path to becoming one of the recent new faces on the legendary 83 Label.

Truthfully, I started on this endeavor not long ago, without a ton of background.  As a teenager, I studied classical guitar for a few years, but really didn’t do much with it. Later in life, I was a professional aerialist and dabbled in dance. You develop a deep relationship with music in the performing arts. You might say, I studied the structure of music through my years of movement studies. 

Early in the pandemic, I started taking music production lessons in earnest, with a focus on songwriting/composing. One of the strange silver linings of the pandemic – I suddenly had a lot of spare time. And, just like everyone else, I was stressed and anxious about the unprecedented situation we were in.. So, as a distraction, I really leaned into learning and developing as a musician. It provided a much needed creative outlet, in an otherwise dark time. 

I must also mention how much support I’ve gotten along the way from the music community, especially the breaks community. It’s astonishing. I could not be more appreciative. 


2) Breakbeat music is in bloom right now, with many shapes and colors shining through. It’s evolving into a genre as enjoyable outside of a party setting as it is on the dancefloor. Who are your go to artists at the moment for both your dj sets and also for listening pleasure outside of that environment.

Oh, wow.. There are so many great artists, it’s hard to just list a few. I listen to a broad range of music on the broken beat spectrum and I love dark, moody vibes. Guau has been very influential. I’m a huge fan of Yo Speed. Recently discovered Mercy System. Can’t get enough, definitely keeping my eye on that artist. 


Yo Speed:

Mercy System: 


3) Being a Bay Area resident, the musical tapestry there is so rich. Who are some of the Bay Area legends you feel people around the world should know about?

So much history to cover here.. Where to begin? SF has a truly amazing history of electronic music and rave culture, with a uniquely psychedelic vibe. So. Much. Good. Music. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the Hardkiss Brothers (Scott, Robbie and Gavin). They put their indelible mark and sound on the rave scene here in the 90s. Through both their original music (as God Within, Little Wing and Hawke) and their label, they helped forge that unique SF sound. Some notable tracks from Hardkiss Music: “Raincry” by God Within. And, Rabbit in the Moon’s “Phases of an Out of Body experience ”. If you like Bicep, you really should check this stuff out. Another notable mention: the Bassbin Twins’ tracks “SF2UK” and “Woppa.” 

There’s so much history on the SF house spectrum as well, With DJ Garth, Mark Farina, Galen, Justin & Christian Martin and the Dirtybird BBQs in Golden Gate Park… But I’ll save that for another interview <wink>. 


4) How would you describe your production style?

Oh, that’s a good question. Truthfully, I’m still very new to producing. I’m actively discovering and defining my style. I’m giving myself permission not to be locked into any particular style, but explore as broadly as I’d like. That said, I love the melodic elements and vocals in the progressive breaks style. And, I love basslines and drums in the garage and dnb styles. We’ll see where it all takes me, just enjoying the journey right now. <smile> 


5) Favorite artist, band or dj from your youth

Tough one.. But, on the breaks spectrum,  I’d probably have to say Dynamix II. I know, I’m going way back here <laughs> but Dynamix II’s “Arrival of Bass” and “Bass Generator” still blow my mind today. These tracks rewired my brain forever. In my humble opinion, Dynamix II was pretty instrumental in defining the US Florida Breaks and Miami Bass scene in the early days. But, you should probably check with the experts on that. <smile> 


Dynamix II:


6) Tell us about an album you love, from any point in your life. 

Does anyone ever just name one? <laughs> Ok, I’ll do my best here.. 

Going with recent, because there’s just too many significant albums in my lifetime to name. My favorite album/EP of 2022 is “Recognise”, by Mercy System. It has such a vibe. So inspiring. A favorite of 2021 is “Dragons”, by Throwing Snow


Recognise EP, Mercy System:


Dragons, Throwing Snow: 


7) Shine a light on a dj/producer/promoter you admire

Chris Lund, aka Left/Right and You Us We Them. I’m a fan of all kinds of music – from downtempo, to cinematic electronica, as well as heavy hitting breaks and bass music. Chris has a really dialed in style and manages to carry that style across multiple genres, in flawless fashion. He’s a very talented, multi-disciplinary artist – it’s really impressive. I aspire to have that versatility and skill someday.  He’s also a very humble, generous human with a great attitude – an ideal role model for up and coming artists, like myself.  

I’d also like to give a shout out to Raul Bautista aka Guau. Not only is he an inspiration to me creatively, he’s been such a delight to work with at 83. I couldn’t ask for a better experience with a label. 

Here in my local community, I’d love to give a shout out to Janine Cook aka J9theAngel. Janine is one of my favorite local breaks DJs. As part of the Space Cowboys DJ collective, she does so much to keep the SF breaks scene here thriving. She’s been supportive of me since day 1. And, she’d do that for any new breaks artist here in the bay area, she’s just a lovely, supportive person here in the scene. 

Ok, that was 3. I’m bad at following rules <chuckle>. 




You Us We Them:


J9 the Angel: 

8) What’s coming up for you release wise and your general plans for Miido in the near future?

My immediate goals are to continue learning, exploring and refining my style. For the remainder of 2022, my loose plan is to experiment with some deeper, heavier cuts. I’m getting some encouragement to play out – so, that’s on the table for 2022 as well. I’m pretty shy, so we’ll see how it goes <smile>. In preparation for that, I’m working hard to level up my DJ skills. 

As for releases, I have tracks dropping in late June and late October, all in the Breaks/UKG spectrum. Pretty excited about these, so stay tuned! 

9) If you could collaborate with any artist in the world of breakbeat music, who would it be?


Wow, what a big question. How do I even choose?  I mean if I got to collaborate with my 3 current favorites (Left/Right, Guau or Yo Speed), I’d die a happy woman. But, if we want to get a little wild, I’d probably say Amon Tobin.  He’s not really considered a breakbeat artist.. But what an astounding producer. 

10) What’s your hands down most memorable music experience?

My most memorable experience:  Getting an email from 83 that they’d like to sign Presage. Such a sweet moment, I’ll never forget it. 

On a less serious note…  There was this time, in the desert, late in the night.. If memory serves, Lee Coombs was on the decks going hard… Unexpectedly, it starts to rain… you could feel the slight uneasiness of the crowd as we all thought “ok that’s it, party’s over.” After a slight pause, the booth hit the flame effects and lasers on full blast, signaling we were going the distance. The surge of energy and roar of the crowd was unforgettable. It was such a collectively powerful and joyful moment. 


11) Favourite breaks track ever?

How can I pick just one? Practically impossible. But, if pressed, I have to pick a track from the archives – one that had significance to me and my past. And that’s FSOL’s Papua New Guinea

And, if I’m to be real, Left/Right’s remix of Orbital’s Belfast brought tears to my eyes. I think he dropped this quietly in 2021. It’s such a great remix. If you can get your hands on it, do it. Highly recommended.. It brings both present and past to me in beautifully executed form. 


12) Whats your most valued piece of kit in your studio setup?

Ok, boring answer, but it’s the truth… hands down, Ableton and the laptop it runs on. I can work anywhere, with any synths etc, but without these two things, I’m dead in the water. 


Thank you for taking the time to share with us, we look forward to what comes next.

This was really fun! Thanks so much for reaching out, it’s been my pleasure. 

La Sombra

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